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Welcome to Sonjade Limited

We are a leading agro-allied processing, storage, transportation and export company based in Lagos, Nigeria. With our vast experiences in agriculture, food production and international trade; we are help agric business owners improve their capacity and also access international markets. Our business is driven by our core philosophy of delivering solutions to the agricultural value chain.
Our company was incorporated to carry out a number of Agro-Allied businesses and services including crop and livestock production, agricultural logistics management, raw material supply, agricultural input supply, agribusiness development and consultancy, food export and international agro trading.

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Our Management

Jonathan O. Oladeji

Jonathan O. Oladeji is an Electrical Engineer with over 15 years of work experience, mostly in the telecommunications industry in Nigeria, rising to the position of Senior Manager in Glo Mobile. He has also worked in the power distribution sector of the energy industry.

He holds an MBA degree from the University of Nottingham, UK, and a BSc. (Hons) degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the University of Ibadan. He is registered with the Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria.

CEO statement

Post harvest losses account for more than 40% of agricultural produce due to technical inefficiency and lack of adequate storage and preservation methods. The situation is especially dire in developing countries, where food security is a mirage and extreme poverty is widespread among the population.

In Nigeria for example, it is estimated that up to 50% of agricultural produce is lost post harvest. Use of chemical preservatives is also widespread during grain storage in Nigeria, which is not good for human consumption. European Union placed suspension on the importation of Cowpea from Nigeria to the EU for up to eight years until 2021 due to the use of chemical preservatives by Nigerian farmers and aggregators.

It is therefore imperative to stem the tide of post harvest losses, to reduce rejection of agricultural export from Nigeria, and to break the cycle of extreme poverty in Nigerian households. Innovative post harvest storage solutions are required to solve these problems. Sonjade Nigeria Limited is primed to work with other stakeholders in the agriculture value chain to reduce losses in a sustainable way by adding value to the agricultural produce in Nigeria.

Engr. Oludele Adebayo Adeyefa (PhD)

Engr. Oludele Adebayo Adeyefa (PhD) has over fifteen years work experience spanning Petroleum, Mechanical and Metallurgical industries. Most of his experience has been gathered working in the oil design industry as a Principal mechanical design engineer.

He holds BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, and he is registered with the Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria